Staffan Pihl

Artist Staffan Pihl


Background: Completed art studies at Konstfack, Stockholm university, Sweden, in 1967 (art advertising,
bookmaking crafts, graphical design, sculpture, furniture and interior design).
Teacher of art at senior-level, at high-school and at the university of Luleå, including art, filmmaking, photography and history of culture.

Private life:
Owner of an old country house outside Luleå. Husband, father of four children,
grandfather and dog owner.

First exhibition in 2009, at Luleå Museum, Sweden.

Retired from teaching, I now have time to paint. I prefer acrylic, but I also use watercolours and I draw and sketch from time to time.

We have lived in the countryside for more than thirty years and my paintings reflect my neighbourhood. I want to show the enviroment with its trees and houses.
Our four different seasons and the variety of light and colours with them, give great inspiration!

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